Making the World a Better Place

In 2005 the nation watched in horror as the gulf coast was pounded by what we now refer to as Hurricane Katrina. Twenty-five of my colleagues and closest friends spent Thanksgiving Week in 2005 helping rebuild farms in

New Orleans and Kiln,Mississippi.



We traveled 24 hours in four vehicles that brought building materials,

food, and hope from the FirstStateto help the south.

But these just weren’t any farms we were rescuing. They were farms that hosted therapeutic horseback riding programs for adults and children with disabilities. You see, they couldn’t operate until the barns were fixed and repairs were made, and we didn’t want them to have to wait long.

In this business you give back to the community when it has been kind to you. It’s what we do…as real estate agents we aren’t selling just houses,

we sell dreams and lifestyles too.

A special Thanks goes to C-Line Stables and The CENTER for Therapeutic and Educational Riding in Townsend, Delaware for their support and efforts in this venture. For more information about how you can help those who still need it in Mississippi and New Orleans or if you would like to help our local therapeutic horseback riding program please contact me.  


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